Our teaching programme is based on the Sri Lankan National Curriculum delivered in the English Medium. We customize the teaching and learning strategies to focus on the individual talents and capabilities of students. We believe in the all-round development of each and every child and strive to build their character and personality through a range of co-curricular activities that are offered in school.

We endeavour to provide our students with a broad educational experience in a multi-racial and multi-religious setting. We provide our children with the essential skills in ICT from Grade One itself while exposing them to a wide range of activities in Western Music, Dancing, Swimming and other co-curricular activities facilitating the holistic education of every child.


Pre-School comprises of the two levels, the Nursery and the Kindergarten and is considered a very important stage as it lays the foundation for future schooling. The Nursery and Kindergarten Curriculum has been carefully designed drawing the best practices from Montessori and Pre-School methods of teaching.

Primary and Secondary School

Based on the National Curriculum adopted by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka, the Core Subject areas taught at the Primary & Secondary levels are;

  • First Language (Sinhala / Tamil)
  • Religion – Buddhism / Islam / Hinduism / Christianity
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Aesthetic Subjects – Western music, Dancing & Art
  • History
  • Geography
  • Citizenship Education
  • Commerce & Accounting

The medium of instruction for all the subjects except the First Language is English. Additionally, the children are exposed to the subjects; ICT, Physical Education, French etc. giving them the opportunity for all round holistic education in line with the objectives spelt out by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.

Higher Standard of English supplemented by British Course Material

We ensure that the standard of English which is taught is higher than what is required by the National Curriculum and that is offered in other Private Schools. The course material for English Language teaching is obtained from the United Kingdom and delivered by teachers who have been trained to deliver such courses. This ensures that every child gets the very latest British Study Material and is exposed to a higher standard of English at school overall.

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