The School

The Springfield College which existed since 2001 in Kandy was brought under the management of the Gateway Group in 2013 and was converted into a Private National School teaching the Sri Lankan National Curriculum in English medium.

Springfield College caters to all ages from Nursery to Advanced Level in English Medium. Every child has the opportunity to receive a truly high quality English Medium education with a national flavour in a disciplined spiritually and morally uplifting school environment.

Purpose built School

The purpose built school campuses located at Anniewatta - Kandy and Borella – Colombo provide all necessary modern facilities, offering an ideal setting for high quality education. The school complexes are centered on giving each child the very best by way of modern facilities and programmes. Well stocked libraries, state of the art laboratories and auditoriums with ample seating ensure they learn in a comfortable conducive environment. All of this is offered at a very affordable and attractive fee structure.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Our experienced teaching staff are eminently qualified in the respective fields of study with local and international exposure in the latest methods of teaching. They are constantly updated with the current trends in education through in-service professional Training Programmes.


Springfield College provides facilities for the child to begin his / her school career as early as 2 ½ year of age at Pre School stage while facilitating the continuity of their education up to the Advanced Level in Science, Commerce and Art streams. Students after Advanced Level are able to proceed for higher education either in Sri Lankan tertiary educational institutions or in foreign universities.

The Structure of Springfield College is as follows;


Nursery 2 1/2+ to 04 Kindergarten 04+ to 05+


Grade 1 - 05+ to 06+ Grade 2 - 06+ to 07+
Grade 3 - 07+ to 08+ Grade 4 - 08+ to 09+
Grade 5 - 09+ to 10+

Lower Secondary

Grade 6 - 10+ to 11+ Grade 7 - 11+ to 12+
Grade 8 - 12+ to 13+

Ordinary Level

Grade 9 - 13+ to 14+ Grade 10 - 14+ to 15+
Grade 11 GCE OL - 15+ to 16+

Advanced Level

Grade 12 GCE AL - 16+ to 17+ Grade 13 GCE AL - 17+ to 18+
Grade 14 GCE AL - 18+ to 19+


We are aware our children need to feel valued and appreciated in order to develop a positive identity and attitude. Every child gets a sense of being a part of a family with the love and respect they receive at school. And we also provide them with the environment necessary to achieve their highest potential.

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